Improve plant nutrition & soil balance

Changing Australian soil conditions have seen a decrease in essential nutrients and traces of household products. Earthlife Garden Care products are designed to improve your soil structure. Whether you’re dealing sand-based soils or clay, we have the right product for you. Explore our product range and contact us today to place an order.


Improve plant nutrition and soil balance, reduce water usage and increase your pest protection for a better yield. Our range of products is perfect for Townsville’s tropical climate. Owners of Earthly Connectionz, Chris and Terry owe their gardening success to Earthlife products and wanted to make the range of garden, lawn, flower, fruit and veg supplements available throughout Townsville. View our product range.


Fruit blend

A fruit and tree conditioner with 60 mineral elements and more than 30 beneficial microbe and fungi species. Use on stone fruit, banana, vine and tropical species and taste the difference. Available in 3kg and 15kg packs.

Flower blend

Promotes robust, healthy roots and extends the life of the petals. Ideal for use on roses, azaleas, hibiscuses, camellias, and annuals. Available in 3kg and 15kg packs.

Garden delight

100% natural plant flood. Use for all indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, veggies, shrubs trees and pot plants. Vegan-friendly, slow release, maintains soil ph, uses up to 50% less water and reduces plant stress. Available in 3kg and 15kg packs.

Garden mate

100% natural soil and plant conditioner. Ideal for loosening clay and planting flowers, vegies, shrubs, plants and pot plants. Available in 3kg and 15kg packs.

Lawn blend

Feeds and conditions lawns for lush, softer, thicker and healthier grass. Safe for all grass types. Available in 3kg and 15kg packs.

Break down

An enzyme-based organic ferment to break down plant materials such as lawn clippings, thatch, and compost. Available in 3kg and 15kg packs

Veggie mate

Use for better tasting and nutrient-dense herbs & veggies. Suitable for all soil types. It is designed for slow release so it will not burn your crops. Available in 3kg and 15kg packs.

Pasture blend

A conditioner and fertiliser for new or existing pastures. It provides a more nutritionally balanced pasture and reduced sodium levels in the soil.

Earthly Connectionz is an authorised distributor of Earthlife Garden Care. All products can be ordered and collected by arrangement from Simply Catz in Jensen, Townsville.

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